Light Geometry
Circle of Goddess
Ingrid Keminer 
Ingrid Keminer’s spiritual task is to open up new spheres of energy for the new consciousness on earth. She herewith faces the challenge of collective change of consciousness of the entire humankind.
The center of Ingrid Keminer’s spiritual work is the sphere of Light Geometry. Due to her highly precise and effective work with the light geometrical tools she has acclaimed a wide international reputation as a Channel, Spiritual Coach and freelance author.
She gives impulse and pioneers in building up the New Consciousness by opening significant systems of light energy: the vivid Light Geometry of Sirius© and the Light-Merkabah of Sirius©.
With the help of the Andromeda Energy and Light Flow© a totally new dimension of Light Energy is presently developing in Ingrid Keminer’s process with light energy: the opening for the Love Frequency of the Tenth Dimension. The newly activated, connecting flow to the cosmic light libraries of Andromeda enables the higher development of the own loving capability.
Ingrid Keminer understands herself as a translator of spiritual knowledge into our language and our level of consciousness. It is her highest aim to reconnect people to their divine roots, with their great ancient knowledge and the knowledge of the soul, which has been buried for a long time.
In her workshops with a very practical orientation she accompanies people on their way back to their selves by setting their thinking and giving spiritual impulse. She herewith encourages people to fulfill their very own spiritual desire that accompanies them on their way through life. She helps integrating the newly won understanding, a constructive benefit and further guidance, into everyday life. Due to the connection to the Higher Frequencies the ancient knowledge will, at the same time, come to a flow, further development and expansion will herewith be possible, up to anyone’s individual needs.
Above all Ingrid Keminer is called on Higher Dimensions to create collective fields of consciousness by anchoring the energy of higher vibrating frequencies. She herewith accelerates the upcoming and transforming process of the Earth and humankind on its way to the joyful balance of fulfilling love. In open meditations, together with participants, she creates new energetic islands of peace and love that glow into daily life. And this is exactly the message that Ingrid Keminer transports in her spiritual work:
spirituality is something very natural, taking place in everyday life - and every single human being carries this great potential in itself.
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