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Vivid Light Geometry 
The knowledge of the Light Geometry is a very ancient one. It was already known to early cultures - e.g. Atlantis - on Earth and has been practised intensively.
The Light Geometry works via the effect of geometrical archetypes - Ball, Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron - in connection with light projections. Herewith vivid structures develop that encourage people very much in their process of transformation and elevation.
The practice of the Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius is nowadays being transmitted by the Beings of Sirius.
The Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius activates inner human processes and decodes the memory of ancient knowledge.
The Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius influences expansively the energies of dissolution that change the consciousness and it activates the whole Aura.
High vibrations can easily be anchored – vibes that respond to the Core.
The Core Energy is accelerated, activated and connected with higher aspects of consciousness.
This leads to a major Expansion of Consciousness, which sets free fallow potentials of the soul.
It is very quickly understood, that Everything is energy and how energy works.
It opens up for mental growth and prepares for the transfer into a new dimension.
The work with The Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius prepares the human field of energy for the change into new dimensions. The energies are being prepared and adjusted beforehand.
It is the aim of the Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius to ease the process of elevation and to balance the body through a higher frequency of consciousness and harmonize a field of energy that is out of balance.
Everybody who works with the light geometry personally benefits enormously.
The Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius creates collective energy fields of
Balance – Equilibrium – Peace – and Love.
Aktaban from Sirius: How works the Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius
Aktaban from Sirius: Informations about the Vivid Light Geometry of Sirius
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