Light Geometry
Circle of Goddess
Galacticnetwork is a center for the spiritual development of the human being. It serves the clarification of schemes of life and themes as well as the vitalization of the knowledge about the transformation of Humankind and the Earth.
We here for offer:
Channelings / Conducted Meditations
In either personal or telephone sessions.
Focused background analyses (Channeling) of life themes,
schemes of life and blockades in your Karma (family, relationship, personal environment, job etc.).
Emotional Work
Energetic and emotional Work
Breaking up blockades, guidance back in either individual
(personal or telephone) or group sessions.
Energetic corrections of blockades that might originate from childhood or a former life.
Depressing patterns in the mind or in the behavior, that often are the reason for stress and illness, can be solved and eliminated by realizing, understanding and accepting the fear of life.
Sacred Light Geometry of Sirius©
Support of the ascending and transforming process of Humankind and the Earth.
Individual and collective expansion of consciousness.
Healing of the Earth/meditations, work on the reticule and Chakra spots of the Earth.
The Sacred Light Geometry of Sirius ©, is being transmitted by Sirius since the beginning of the year 2000 and it enables a very specific and efficient work with the collective fields of consciousness. The Sacred Light Geometry changes the collective consciousness and creates new ones.
Training – Sacred Light Merkabah of Sirius©
The development and growth to become a Galactic Human being.
A comprehensive Transformation training with 36 geometrical tools for the personal development.
Training – The Andromeda Energy and Light Flow©
The opening of the Heart Chakra with the crystalline Healing frequency of Andromeda.
Clearing multidimensional Karma issues and healing the Soul Matrix.
Developing the own ability of love.
The Andromeda Energy and Light Flow© is being transmitted since the year 2002. It is a loving gift from the 10th Dimension that connects with the crystalline Healing of Andromeda. It is specifically addressed to therapeutic circles, to people who work with people and who are "door openers". It is the challenge to guide the energy with intuitive knowledge and to let it flow unattached.
Workshops all over the world at special power spots of the ancient energy fields of the Earth.
Group Meditation - Processing the development of the
Sacred Light Geometry of Sirius©, Monthly
Group Meditation - Processing the development of the
Andromeda Energy and Light Flow©, Monthly
Femininity, Monthly
Meditation Groups
Important: Dates can change, please keep informed.
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