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Circle of Goddess
Planetary Women's Work - "Circle of Goddess"
The Energy Platform of Venus
It is, in the time to come, a special Affair of the Heart of mine to engage myself for the concern of the higher levels of consciousness, the "Circle of Goddess" on this Earth, to stabilize it, to bring it in and therewith bring the planetary women's work back to its initial power.
It is an important theme of this time quality and related with this a task for women, to prepare the Energy Platform for Venus. This means to enable the planet the access to the creative power of Venus - love, beauty, harmony and the creative potential again.
So it is important that women find together in a newly found solidarity, just as in times of the matriarchy. It has always been the women that knew the rhythm of the Earth, who knew about Nature, who practiced the rituals of fertility, that were accustomed to the cycles of the moon and who therefore carried the wisdom of the Earth. It has always been the women that held this knowledge, never the men.
Women now reclaim this knowledge and the power connected with it. It is therefore important to establish a new "Circle of Goddess" to link with the old knowledge. Purpose of this circle is to reconnect with fields of power of the Energy of goddess and to reactivate it.
Many women might nowadays feel destined to be at service. It needs a "Circle of Women" as a strong carrying Energy. It is going to be the women who are going to awake the Planet - they service as midwives - as the Earth is female.
It is an emotional Being, a female Energy, an intuitive emotional Energy and the female energy has always been deeply connected with the Earth.
Beginning with 2009 there is going to be more information about channelings and numerous workshops are going to be offered. An open "Circle of Women", that, in the beginning, will be offered monthly, has the assignment to create fields of Energy and to install the Platform of Venus.
In the "Circle of Women", that is going to manifest the Quality of Goddess, the Energy Platform is going to be installed, which is an important preparation for the opening of the Energy Gate until 2012.
Therefore this newly formed group should be taken seriously.
The Energy of Goddess needs an intense focus in time to come as it is one of the major pillars for the further development of the planetary consciousness. The Light Anchoring that is going to take place all over the world until the year 2012 implies carrying energies on which a superior energetic construct can be built up.
The "CIRCLE OF WOMEN" will deal with the development of a deeper knowledge of the wisdom of the own female body. It will reconnect with the old rituals of the Goddess and will open up for the ancient wisdom of the Lemuric Temple.
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