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The Andromeda Energy and Light Flow©
Time has finally come, humanity is ready for the next step.
The Supreme Being of Andromeda lovingly passes a generous gift from the Tenth Dimension to humankind for the next step into a higher consciousness.
Beginning in 2002 Iana, a Highness from Andromeda, has progressively passed on The Andromeda Energy and Light Flow© to me. The work with the Flow of Light is always based on the highest possible vibrations of love, harmony and balance - as Andromeda is pure divine love. Andromeda opens the Chakra of the heart, releases multidimensional themes of the karma, heals the matrix of the soul and accelerates the individual development of consciousness.
Andromeda was already here when the Earth was born and it holds the information of the vibration of the matrix of the planet. The big crystal libraries of Andromeda that hold the complete knowledge of all universes in their cosmic data base, open up for manhood again.
The Andromeda Energy and Light Flow© can help every human being to easily guide their physical body through the adjustment to higher frequencies.
Crystal light can easily flow into the cells by activating specific points of energy and light (in the physical body) – it so enables the body to integrate higher vibrations by a so called fine tuning.
The development into a higher consciousness means at the same time the enlightening of the whole being.
The Andromeda Energy and Light Flow© is specially designated for therapists and for people who personally wish to develop and improve. The three dimensional physical body changes into a new frequency, it becomes lighter and more transparent due to the ascension of the Earth. Many therapists already realized that conventional forms of therapy don’t fit anymore.
It enables as well the therapist as the patient to deeply immerge in upcoming challenges – not on a rational but on an ethereal, subtle level. Blockades can now easily be loosened on a new level of consciousness and come into a flow. Lately I have often been asked, lovingly but consequently, to pass on this gift from Andromeda.
Here it is – I feel privileged to be the transmitter for all of you wh know and have been waiting for a long time already.
As – to quote Iana, a highness of Andromeda:
Andromeda is very close to you these days.
Heraklimus: Informations about the Andromeda Energy and Light Flow
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